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Currimundi United Football Club is a leading Sunshine Coast football club incorporating Rooball, Junior, Women's and Men's teams.

The Club is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the physical fitness, self-esteem and sense of community of its players, coaches and officials.

Our Club engages with the local community to promote community spirit and share cultural knowledge of the area.
Our Values

Fun, Fitness, Friendship

At Currimundi United, you get more than just a club, you benefit from a community that want to support your goals on and off the field.

Player Encouragement

Create a safe, supportive and fun-filled environment that fosters the development of football skills and where each participant strengthens their love of the game and has the opportunity of achieving their own goals regardless of age, gender, cultural background or ability.

Player Development

Provide its players with a positive football experience, which incorporates the teaching of proper skill development, team participation, team culture and fun.

Player Support

Help build good character by; helping each player gain self-confidence, teach good sportsmanship, and to respect all those who participate in any environment.

Our Heroes

Run on 100% good people

Our club is run with the help of a dedicated group of Community volunteers who selflessly strive to make each practice, game, and event a memorable and enjoyable experience for the players and their families.

On top of their everyday jobs and lives, our core staff members dedicate many hours a month to manage the operations of Currimundi United Football Club.

Our talented Coaches and other team members are committed to improving each and every player’s chance of realizing their true potential and unlocking confidence, skills, and connections.

Our Heritage

Place of flying fox

This painting depicts the significance and traditional stories of the area.

The fish in the middle represent “mullet season” migrating.

The blue dolphin fins represent the story of our ancestors utilizing the significance of the local dolphins, “to push the schools of mullet closer to shore, where our people would wait with nets and spears “

The “kangaroo tracks” represent the kangaroos coming down the shoreline, and a reminder to always walk forward, as the kangaroo never takes a backward step.

The blue oval shapes above the kangaroo tracks represent the local “shellfish,” pipi shells, mussel shells, and our women collecting and gathering them.

The “U” shapes and lines represent our ancestors hunting and gathering.

The dot circles with U shapes around them represent people from all walks of life coming together. The lines and dots next to them represent rain and the coming of a new season. The design work next to the rain represents fishing nets.

The green, white & yellow dots circles represent the water holes & creeks within the area.

The “fig tree and flying fox” represent the area “Currimundi” and the significance of our native fig tree, the traditional medicine of our old people. Flying fox was also used by our ancestors for respiratory problems.

Currimundi FC indigenous artwork

Artwork and story by James Doyle

Currimundi United Football Club acknowledges the Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi) people as the traditional owners of the land on which we play. We pay our respects to the elders past present and emerging and their continuous connection to the land and the sea.



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Sunshine Coast Churches Soccer Association

Important 2024 registration notice

Thanks for your interest in registering to play for CUFC. 

Please follow the links below to register and to order short and socks. 

If you have any specific queries regarding registration please email


1. Visit the SCCSA WEBSITE

Click the register button to take you to the Registration area on the SCCSA site where exisiting players can log-in or new players can create an account.

2. Register players

Register who is playing, ensuring you have all of your player info ready for registration options. 'Team Requests' OR 'Change Team Requests' are to be completed as part of your online registration.

3. Payment

During registration, you can pay by credit card online at the SCCSA website. For any non-typical registrations such as vouchers or payment plans, select 'Pay at Club' and see our staff at the club us on registration day to finalise payment and collect uniform.

The SCCSA is our association who are responsible for registration of all players as well as organising season fixtures.